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Implementation of the End of Life Option Act Just One Month Away

/ May 20, 2016

With the June 9 implementation date of the End of Life Option Act just one month away, things have never been busier for Compassion & Choices’ staff and volunteers in California. We have devoted the full resources and talents of this dynamic organization to making sure California is ready when that day arrives.

We’ve learned in our many years of implementing medical aid-in-dying laws in other states that the hard work of providing access truly begins after a law has been passed. And considering that as of June 9 the number of Americans eligible to seek medical aid in dying will quadruple and there’s plenty of work to be done.

Check out some of the amazing work we’ve accomplished so far to reach thousands of Californians:

Community Presentations: 365
Workshops for Medical Providers: 33
Active Action Teams: 23
Hospices Contacted: Over 200
Volunteers trained: 1437
Websites built: 1 (coming soon!)

As you can see, this has already been a massive undertaking. And it will only grow as our outreach and education work begins to take root and the law is enacted.

But all this work is going to need financial resources, and we’re depending on our dedicated supporters in California and across the country to make the California Access Campaign successful.

Your gift today will help fund our expansive outreach efforts and allow us to build on the relationships we’re forging throughout the state. This is the hard work, happening every day, that will help Californians who are suffering needlessly in their final days.

Donate to Compassion & Choices today to help provide the resources and training it takes to bring meaningful access to medical aid in dying to those who need it in California.